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Our journey began a year ago when we began by mining ourselves. We quickly realised the solutions available on the market were lacking in build quality, aftercare service, and mining efficiency. CoinMiner is on a mission to change that and make mining accessible to all.

CoinMiner currently has approximately 31.5 gigabytes hashing power at an undisclosed location check out our wallet for verification here. We are always pushing the bounds of cryptocurrency mining with our own dedicated research and development team. This means we are always on the cutting-edge of technology in the cryptomining field.

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Unlike other rig builders, CoinMiner has an actual office location in the very prestigious location of Hove, East Sussex. Our offices contain the latest in high-end security and monitoring systems and smart office integrations. You can come and visit us and discuss your requirements in person.

We provide pre-built rigs and can provide bespoke solutions for mining farms. We can work on a consultancy basis to turn your project into reality.

CoinMiner is on the forefront of mining rig construction and we are here to support people with an interest in getting involved in one of the fastest-growing and most exciting investments around. Cryptocurrency mining is set to grow and the returns are growing as more and more corporates and individuals discover the tremendous benefits of block chain technology.

Our Team

We are the leading cyrptocurrency builders in the UK. Our specialist team has over built over 349 off-the-shelf mining rigs and have completed 4 large mining farm projects. We continue to mine and trade cryptocurrency and will be at the forefront of the industry.

Our team has a versatile skill set including technicians, economists, financial planners and accountants to ensure your project is commercially viable.

We have all the right skills, let us Help You

CoinMiner provides plug & play Ethereum mining rigs, consultation services and cloud mining solutions. Start earning a return on your investment immediately.

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